Young Soldierz


Los Angeles, California, United States


Hip hop

Years active



Dangerous (1993-1998)
Death Row (1994-1998)

Associated acts

Bloods & Crips, Damu Ridas, The Relativez

Past members

Young Soldierz were an American hip hop group, formed by members of the Bloods & Crips project. The group consisted of rappers Big Wy, Lil' Stretch, Dog and Pops, who were also members of the Bloods street gang.

Young Soldierz were formed during the making of the debut Bloods & Crips album Bangin' on Wax. Young Soldierz released their self-titled debut in 1994, with two singles entitled "If Tomorrow Comes" and "Alligator".

While still contributing to the Bloods and Crips' second album, Bangin' on Wax 2... The Saga Continues, they met Death Row Records' co-founder Suge Knight and signed to Death Row Records. The group were featured on the soundtracks from Murder Was the Case in 1994 and Gang Related in 1997. After Death Row Records started struggling in 1998, the group disbanded. Members Big Wy and Dog (who changed his name to Suga Buga) contributed to the album How Deep Is Your Hood with the Damu Ridas, and created a group called The Relativez.

Discography[edit | edit source]

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