Yoc Influenced is the debut EP by American rapper and producer Ryan "Woodie" Wood, released in 1998 on East Co. Co. Records. The EP was arranged, mixed, produced entirely by Woodie himself. The writing credits are split between him and guest rappers on the EP, Lil' Los and Shadow. This EP was executive produced by Jim McCoey, mastered by Michael Romanowski at Rocket Labs, and recorded at Woodie's House.

Track listing Edit

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1 Callin' Your Bluff Wood Wood 3:44
2 Yoc Influenced Lil' Los Wood 3:56
3 Dirty Deeds Lil' Los, Shadow Wood 5:34
4 Shits Gone Strange Lil' Los Wood 2:29
5 The Streets Are Callin' Me Wood Wood 4:05
6 The Clock Is Tickin' Wood Wood 3:11
7 Norte Slidin' Wood Wood 3:31
8 Outro Wood, Lil' Los Wood 3:42
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