Yall So Stupid
Yall So Stupid.jpg


Atlanta, Georgia, United States


Hip hop

Years active




Associated acts

Da King & I, Mass Influence, Spearhead X

Past members

  • H2O
  • Logic
  • Sha Boogie
  • Unkle Buk

Yall So Stupid was an American hip hop group from Atlanta, Georgia. The group was formed by rappers H2O, Unkle Buk, and Logic, and their DJ Sha Boogie in 1991. After they performed extensively and became known in Atlanta'a underground circuit, the group was signed to Rowdy Records in 1992. Their debut album, Van Full of Pakistans, was released in 1993 and received mediocre reviews and little commercial success. The group were dropped from Rowdy that same year.

Discography[edit | edit source]

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