Studio album by O.C.


18 October 1994


1993-1994 at Battery Studios, Unique Recording, Soundtracks NY and Power Play Studios


Hip hop, underground hip hop




Wild Pitch


Buckwild, DJ Ogee, Lord Finesse, Organized Konfusion, Prestige

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Word...Life is the debut studio album by American rapper O.C., released in 1994 on Wild Pitch Records. The album helped O.C. establish his membership in the Diggin' in the Crates Crew, which, among others, includes Lord Finesse and Buckwild, who both produced songs on this album. Apart from an outro by Organized Konfusion member Prince Po, the album does not feature any guest appearances. Nas was supposed to have appeared on a song, but he never showed up to the studio for the recording session.

The album is best remembered for the single "Time's Up". The song was a scathing accusation, pointed at thug-posturers who were flooding the hip hop scene at the time. Vocal clips from the song have been sampled in numerous hip hop songs throughout the years, including Mos Def's "Hip Hop" from the 1998 album Black on Both Sides and fellow D.I.T.C. member Big L's "The Enemy", which appears on his 2000 posthumous album The Big Picture.

Track listingEdit

All songs performed by O.C..

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Length
1. "Creative Control" Baskerville, Credle, Jamerson Organized Konfusion 1:44
2. "Word...Life" Best, Credle Buckwild 4:53
3. "O-Zone" Best, Credle Buckwild 4:04
4. "Born 2 Live" Best, Credle Buckwild 4:46
5. "Time's Up" Best, Credle Buckwild 3:29
6. "Point O Viewz" Best, Credle, Vanderpool Buckwild, Prestige 4:14
7. "Constables" Baskerville, Credle, Jamerson Organized Konfusion 4:04
8. "Ga Head" Credle, Hall Lord Finesse 3:55
9. "No Main Topic" Credle, Scott DJ Ogee 3:42
10. "Let It Slide" Best, Credle Buckwild 4:23
11. "Ma Dukes" Best, Credle Buckwild 3:58
12. "Story" Credle, Scott DJ Ogee 3:03
13. "Outtro (Sabotage)" Best, Credle Buckwild 2:51
14. "Born 2 Live (Remix)" Baskerville, Credle, Jamerson Organized Konfusion 3:45


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