Where's My Bytches
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Studio album by Arabian Prince






Hip hop, gangsta rap, g-funk


Da Bozak


Arabian Prince (also exec.), Side Show

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Brother Arab (1989)

Where's My Bytches is the second studio album by American hip hop artist Arabian Prince, released in 1993 on Da Bozak. Produced entirely by Arabian Prince, it features a g-funk and gangsta rap sound that contrasts with the predominantly electro rap influences of his debut. Arabian Prince's 1992 album The Underworld was shelved by his previous record label EMI/Capitol Records, so Arabian Prince left the label, recorded some new material and released the album independently.

The album failed to reach any US Billboard charts. It remains as Arabian Prince's last studio album.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

All songs performed by Arabian Prince. All songs produced by Arabian Prince and co-produced by Side Show.

No. TItle Time
1. "Where's My Bytches" 1:24
2. "Ho's 2 Bozak" 5:52
3. "Where Ya Been Bytch" 5:18
4. "Gotta Get Some Pussy Quick" 5:00
5. "Shoulda Stayed in My Bed" 3:50
6. "2 Ply" 4:25
7. "Up 2 No Good" 4:10
8. "Tha Underworld" 3:28
9. "Treat Ya Like a Ho" 3:39
10. "Hoochie Momma" 3:37
11. "Give It Up Tonight" 4:04
12. "A Poem from a Pimp" 6:01
13. "Sex" 5:09
14. "A Little Jazz 4 Yo Azz" 5:43
15. "Outro" 1:14
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