West1996 pt. 2
West1996 pt. 2
Studio album by Lute


September 29, 2017




Hip hop, conscious hip hop, jazz rap, Southern hip hop




Dreamville Records/Interscope Records


Cam O'bi, J. Cole (exec.), Dale P, Elite, Ibrahim Hamad (exec.), J Dilla, Sean McVerry, Save Allen, Shiggy

West1996 pt. 2 is the debut studio album by American rapper Lute, released in 2017 on Dreamville Records and Interscope Records. The album serves as a sequel to his first solo mixtape, West1996 (2012). The album features guest appearances from labelmates EarthGang, Cam O'bi, Elevator Jay, GQ Slaughter and High I'm Ry. 

West1996 pt. 2 was originally intended to be a free mixtape released in 2014, but J. Cole asked Lute to postpone it hours before it was supposed to be released. The following year, Lute signed to J. Cole's Dreamville Records. The album experienced several pushbacks over the years due to sample clearances and other issues. 

The track "Still Slummin'", which uses a posthumous production from J Dilla, previously appeared on the Dreamville compilation album Revenge of the Dreamers II in 2015. The song's music video was released in 2017. Music videos were also released for "Juggin'" and "Morning Shift", while a documentary about the background of the album titled Lute: Still Slummin' was released a week before the album's release. West1996 pt. 2 failed to reach any US Billboard charts.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Writer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Morning Shift" Lute Allen, Burgess, Nicholson Save Allen 2:25
2. "Still Slummin'" Lute Nicholson, Tommaso, Yancey J Dilla 3:28
3. "Home" Lute, Elevator Jay Blackmon, Nicholson, Scicchitano, Suzuki Shiggy 4:03
4. "Ambitions" Lute Barrow, Gibbons, Nicholson, Parrino, Utley Elite, Sean McVerry 1:25
5. "Git Up" Lute, GQ Slaughter Benjamin, Bertami, Brown, Burton, Gipp, Murray, Nicholson, Patton, Scicchitano, Wade Shiggy 4:01
6. "Juggin'" Lute Allen, Nicholson Save Allen 3:43
7. "Ford's Prayer" Lute, Cam O'bi Nicholson, Osteen Cam O'bi 4:20
8. "Crabs in a Barrel" Lute Allen, Nicholson Save Allen 1:50
9. "Premonition" Lute, EarthGang, Cam O'bi Nicholson, Osteen Cam O'bi 3:58
10. "Birds & Bees" Lute Gamble, Gilbert, Huff, Nicholson, Poirier Dale P 1:42
11. "Livin Life" Lute, High I'm Ry Allen, Burgess, Douglass, Duke, Nicholson Save Allen 3:48
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