Studio album by Big Mello


25 April 1994


Hip hop, gangsta rap, Southern hip hop, g-funk




Big Mello, Crazy C, Mike Dean, Harvee Luv, Peewee, James A. Smith (exec.)

Big Mello chronology


Bone Hard Zaggin (1992)


Southside Story (1996)

Wegonefunkwichamind is the second album by American rapper Big Mello, released in 1994 on Rap-A-Lot Records. It was produced by Mello alongside Rap-A-Lot inhouse producers Crazy C and Mike Dean. It would be his final album for the label. 

"Wind Me Up" and "Funkwichamind" were released as singles with distribution by Priority Records, although the album itself was distributed by Rap-A-Lot solely.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

No. Title Producer(s) Time
1. "Intro" Crazy C 2:29
2. "Afro's & 84's" Big Mello 1:37
3. "Back Do Akshun" Big Mello 5:33
4. "No Hidin Place" Big Mello 5:11
5. "Da Feva" Crazy C 2:24
6. "Wind Me Up" Peewee, Big Mello (remix), Crazy C (remix) 4:28
7. "Charge It 2 da Game" Big Mello 4:32
8. "A Ride 4 Yo Azz" Mike Dean 2:50
9. "Funkwichamind" Crazy C 6:14
10. "Somethin Serious" Big Mello 1:55
11. "Git Some Gone" Big Mello 3:45
12. "We Hate Em" Crazy C 4:21
13. "Highschool Kat" Big Mello 2:25
14. "Dat Killa" Big Mello 4:57
15. "Saga uva Dope Fiend" Crazy C 4:22
16. "Family Affair 94" Big Mello 3:08
17. "So Much Love" Big Mello, Harvee Luv (co.) 4:28
18. "Southside" Big Mello 8:28
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