We Can't Be Stopped
We Can't Be Stopped
Studio album by Geto Boys


1 July 1991




Hip hop, Southern hip hop, gangsta rap, horrorcore






Cliff Blodget (exec.), Bushwick Bill, John Bido, Johnny C, Roland, Scarface (also exec.), Simon, James Smith (also exec.), Willie D

Geto Boys chronology


The Geto Boys (1990)


Uncut Dope (1992)

We Can't Be Stopped is the third studio album by American hip hop group Geto Boys, released in 1991 on Rap-A-Lot Records. It was produced by the Geto Boys themselves and Rap-A-Lot in-house producers, such as John Bido and Crazy C. The album is the first to feature the most well-known Geto Boys lineup, as fourth member DJ Ready Red left the group during the recording of this album. Each member of the group has three solo songs, and three songs feature all three members performing together. DJ Ready Red's only vocal contribution is in the form of a short verse on the title track.

The cover is a graphic picture of member Bushwick Bill in hospital after he shot himself in the eye during an argument with his girlfriend. The other two Geto Boys members and the group's management team took Bill out of his hospital room in order to take the picture. Although it is one of hip hop's most notorious covers, Bill has since expressed regret over use of the photograph.

We Can't Be Stopped peaked at #24 on the Billboard 200, and #5 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts. The album is among the Geto Boys' most successful records in terms of units sold, mostly due to its single "Mind Playing Tricks on Me", which is often referred to as one of the best hip hop songs of all time. We Can't Be Stopped was certified platinum in early 1992.

Recording and contentEdit

We Can't Be Stopped was recorded within a few weeks. During the recording of the album, DJ Ready Red left the group for personal reasons.

The title track is a criticism of the Geto Boys' former intended distributor, Geffen Records, after the label refused to distribute the group's previous album, The Geto Boys, because of its violent lyrics. "Chuckie" is a Bushwick Bill solo written by fellow Rap-A-Lot artist Ganksta N-I-P after the two watched the movie Child's Play together. The hit single "Mind Playing Tricks on Me" was originally intended to be a Scarface solo with three verses, but later became a group song with Bushwick Bill rapping Scarface's final verse. "I'm Not a Gentleman" was a response to Queen Latifah's song "Ladies First". The Bushwick Bill solo song, "Fuck a War", is a criticism of then president George Bush, an anti-war song inspired by a close relative of Bill's serving in the Persian Gulf War. The album closer, "Trophy", is a Willie D solo song where he vents his frustration over the lack of attention the Geto Boys were receiving from music awards.

Album coverEdit

The album cover is a graphic picture of member Bushwick Bill in a Houston hospital after he was shot during an altercation with his girlfriend in May 1991. Bill was suicidal and wanted his girlfriend to kill him with the gun, but he was instead shot in the eye when she refused and a struggle between the two ensued. Bill has expressed regret over the album cover, saying "It still hurts me to look at that cover because that was a personal thing I went through... I still feel the pain from the fact I've got a bullet in my brain... I think it was pretty wrong to do it, even though I went along with the program at first." Bill recounted the shooting in his song "Ever So Clear" from his 1992 solo album Little Big Man.


Alex Henderson of Allmusic states that the album is "an engaging, disturbing effort that comes across as much more heartfelt than the numerous gangsta rap albums by the N.W.A and Cube clones and wannabes that jumped on the gangsta bandwagon in the early '90s", and believes that its cover is suitable "for an album whose violent, profane lyrics paint a vivid and accurate picture of life as the Geto Boys knew it growing up in Houston's tough ghetto known as the 5th Ward".[1] Steve "Flash" Juon of RapReviews said that the album "proves not only to be a timeless album but perhaps the greatest in the group's catalogue".[2]

It received a negative review from Rob Tannenbaum of Rolling Stone, saying that their lyrics sound to similar to that of N.W.A, Ice-T and 2 Live Crew. He goes on to say that "the Geto Boys confuse their neighbors with their enemies" with their hatred targeted at other black people.[3]

Track listingEdit

Produced by James Smith, John Bido, Simon, Scarface, Willie D, Bushwick, Johnny C and Roland. 

No. TItle Performer(s) Time
1. "Rebel Rap Family" - 1:22
2. "We Can't Be Stopped" Willie D, Bushwick Bill, Scarface, DJ Ready Red 3:34
3. "Homie Don't Play That" Willie D 3:48
4. "Another Nigger in the Morgue" Scarface 3:14
5. "Chuckie" Bushwick Bill 3:48
6. "Mind Playing Tricks on Me" Scarface, Willie D, Bushwick Bill 5:11
7. "I'm Not a Gentleman" Willie D 4:01
8. "Gota Let Your Nuts Hang" Scarface 4:11
9. "Fuck a War" Bushwick Bill 4:16
10. "Ain't with Being Broke" Willie D, Bushwick Bill, Scarface 3:47
11. "Quickie" Scarface 3:08
12. "Punk-Bitch Game" - 2:16
13. "The Other Level" Bushwick Bill 6:01
14. "Trophy" Willie D 3:08


Management: James Smith, Tony Randle

Album liner notesEdit

Thanks: Gangster Nip, Convicts, Steve Fournier, Source Magazine, Vilot Brown


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