Alex J Hupp (Born April 23, 1989) known professionally as WIZDUMB, is an award winning American hip hop record producer, DJ and rapper from Seattle, Washington. He is a member of the duo G.Wiz with rapper/producer GRIEF78. WIZDUMB released his debut solo album, Shadows, in 2017, it was awarded "2017 Seattle Hip Hop Album of the year" by Crane City Music. His debut instrumental record "Dollar Bin Delicacies" released in 2007 launched him into the spotlight when 2 of the tracks were featured on Adult Swim's commercial bumps. He has gained notoriety for his works with Moka Only, The Nonce, Specswizard, Silas Blak, Count Bass D and Time Machine.

Discography[edit | edit source]

Studio albums[edit | edit source]

  • 2007: Dollar Bin Delicacies
  • 2008: Wordamouf EP
  • 2010: Dope Definite
  • 2011: Pizza Party: Garlic Dust On The Crust
  • 2012: Ruth Bea Arthur's Ultimate Sandwich Extravaganza
  • 2012: The Bemis Tapes
  • 2011: Fresh Produce
  • 2012: Acapellas Now: Remixes
  • 2012: Basementality
  • 2014: Möstly Crëw
  • 2017: Shadows
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