VI: Return of the Real
VI- Return of the Real.jpg
Studio album by Ice-T


June 4, 1996


Autumn 1995-Spring 1996 at The Crackhouse (L.A.) and The Archive (Oakland, CA)


Hip hop, gangsta rap




Rhyme $yndicate/Priority


Aquel, Big Rich, D.J. Ace, DRE Mc, E-A-Ski, Hen-Gee, Ice-T, L.P., Mad Rome, San Man, SLJ, Trails of Flowalistics

Ice-T chronology


Home Invasion (1993)


The Seventh Deadly Sin (1999)

VI: Return of the Real is the sixth album by American rapper Ice-T, released in 1996 on Rhyme $yndicate Records. The title is a play on words based on the movie Star Wars VI: Return of the Jedi, with the "VI" referring to it being his sixth album. The album features production work by DJ Ace, E-A-Ski, Hen-Gee, Ice-T, Mad Rome, and San Man.

The album peaked at #89 on the Billboard 200, and #19 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. One single, "I Must Stand", peaked at #83 on the Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs and #21 on the Hot Rap Songs charts.

Tracklisting[edit | edit source]

No. Title Performer(s) Writer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Pimp Anthem" Ice-T Marrow, Sanguillen San Man, L.P. (co.) 4:35
2. "Where the Shit Goes Down" Ice-T Adams, Marrow E-A-Ski 5:20
3. "Bouncin' Down the Strezeet" Ice-T, Hot Dolla, Mr. Wesside, Powerlord Jell Ascencio, Bates, Brown, Dawson, Marrow D.J. Ace 3:50
4. "Return of the Real" Ice-T Ascencio, Marrow D.J. Ace 4:58
5. "I Must Stand" Ice-T Marrow, Sanguillen San Man, L.P. (co.) 4:02
6. "(Alotta Niggas)" - Marrow, Sean E. Sean Ice-T 0:58
7. "Rap Games Hijacked" Ice-T Husayn, Marrow SLJ 5:31
8. "How Does It Feel" Ice-T, Big Rich, Mad Rome Big Rich, Geroso, Marrow Big Rich, Mad Rome 4:30
9. "The Lane" Ice-T Ascencio, Husayn, Marrow D.J. Ace, Slej 3:45
10. "(Rap Is Fake)" - Dee, Marrow Ice-T 0:44
11. "Make the Loot Loop" Ice-T Ascencio, Marrow D.J. Ace, L.P. 3:39
12. "Syndicate 4 Ever" Ice-T, L.P., Powerlord Jell, Hot Dolla Ascencio, Bates, Brown, Marrow, Winston D.J. Ace 4:05
13. "The 5th" Ice-T Ascencio, Marrow D.J. Ace 4:26
14. "(It's Goin' Down)" - - Ice-T 0:33
15. "They Want Me Back In" Ice-T Ascencio, Marrow D.J. Ace 3:09
16. "Inside of a Gangsta" Ice-T, Big Rich, Mad Rome Big Rich, Geroso, Marrow Big Rich, Mad Rome 4:03
17. "Forced to do Dirt" Ice-T Aquel, Marrow Aquel 4:55
18. "(Haters)" - - - 0:45
19. "Cramp Your Style" Ice-T, Trails of Flowalistics, Deft Saplin, K-Wiz Spurt Deft Saplin, K-Wiz Spurt, Marrow, Trails of Flowalistics Trails of Flowalistics 3:52
20. "(Real?)" - - Ice-T 1:38
21. "Dear Homie" Ice-T, Godfather, Hen-Gee, DRE Mc Devoux, DRE Mc, Garcia, Marrow Hen-Gee, DRE Mc 3:57
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