Zeinalabdin Ahmed born in 20th/09/1999, known professionally as "LIL GENIE" is a game-changing inspirational artist, LIL GENIE is an upcoming artist, following his altercations with the law for several marijuana related charges was the start of his Rap/Hip-Hop Career, he has been independent ever since and has already managed to gather a huge liking & streaming numbers on spotify, iTunes, YouTube & throughout all social platforms without the help of a record label or PR, LIL GENIE mixes/produces/writes/sings and performs his own music. LIL GENIE's vision is to dominate the rap scene & inspire people in the most positive way & have an impact on the world through his lyrical masterpieces and unique sounds, LIL GENIE is a very Different, Versatile & Promising artist that comes from a Bizarre & hard background but that doesn't seem to shake him as LIL GENIE’s Main Belief is that Different is UNIQUE. LIL GENIE has already announced the upcoming release of 3 different unique songs with 3 different unique producers. 1st: Monster prod by: Awab Indica 2nd: Gone prod by : ELR productions 3rd: Be Alone prod by: Vtomic

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