Uptown Saturday Night
Uptown Saturday Night.jpg
Studio album by Camp Lo


January 28, 1997


July 1995 - May 1996


D&D Studios
(New York City, New York)
New World
(New York City, New York)


East Coast hip hop, Hip hop, Jazz rap, Alternative hip hop




Profile Records / Arista Records


Ill Will Fulton (exec.), Ski, Trugoy

Uptown Saturday Night is the debut studio album from American Hip hop duo Camp Lo. It was released in January 28, 1997 on Profile Records and distributed through Arista Records. Recording sessions took place at D&D Studios and New World in New York City from July 1995 to May 1996. Production was handled entirely by Ski, except for track 4 was produced by Trugoy the Dove and track 13 was produced by Ill Will Fulton. It also features guest appearances by Butterfly (of Digable Planets), Trugoy the Dove (of De La Soul), Bones, Karachi R.A.W. and Jungle Brown.

The album peaked at #27 on the U.S. Billboard 200 and #5 on the R&B Albums chart. Uptown Saturday Night spawned the singles: "Coolie High", "Luchini AKA This Is It" and "Black Nostaljack AKA Come On".

Track listing[edit | edit source]

  1. "Krystal Karrington" - 3:24
  2. "Luchini AKA This Is It" - 3:59
  3. "Park Joint" - 3:27
  4. "B-Side to Hollywood" (feat. Trugoy the Dove) - 3:46
  5. "Killin' 'Em Softly" - 3:43
  6. "Sparkle" - 3:39
  7. "Black Connection" - 4:06
  8. "Swing" (feat. Butterfly (of Digable Planets) - 2:50
  9. "Rockin' It AKA Spanish Harlem" - 3:37
  10. "Say Word" (feat. Jungle Brown) - 3:13
  11. "Negro League" (feat. Bones & Karachi R.A.W.) - 3:23
  12. "Nicky Barnes AKA It's Alright" (feat. Jungle Brown) - 3:13
  13. "Black Nostaljack AKA Come On" - 4:12
  14. "Coolie High" - 4:00
  15. "Sparkle (Mr. Midnight Mix)" - 3:47

Samples[edit | edit source]

Luchini AKA This Is It

  • "Adventures in the Land of Music" by Dynasty

Park Joint

  • "September 13" by Deodato

B-Side to Hollywood

  • "Hook and Sling - Part I" by Eddie Bo
  • "Hip Hop Junkies" by Nice & Smooth


  • "Leyte" by Cal Tjader

Rockin' It AKA Spanish Harlem

Say Word

  • "If You Leave Me Now / Love So Right" by Jerry Butler and Thelma Houston

Negro League

  • "A Hundred Yards Over the Rim" by Fred Steiner

Nicky Barnes AKA It's Alright

  • "Walk From Regio's" by Isaac Hayes

Black Nostaljack AKA Come On

  • "Tripping Out" by Curtis Mayfield

Coolie High

  • "It's a New Day" by Skull Snaps
  • "Funny How Time Files (When You're Having Fun)" by Janet Jackson

Sparkle (Mr. Midnight Mix)

  • "Leyte (Live at the Funky Quarters)" by Cal Tjader
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