Up 4 Parole
Up 4 Parole
Studio album by 20-2-Life


15 November 1994


1993-1994 at Samplified Digital (Houston, Texas)


Hip hop


Bigtyme Recordz


Black, Kenneth Blackmoon (exec.) Dope E, Ice Mike, Klondike Kat, Tiger, Derek Woods (exec.)

20-2-Life chronology


Inside Looking Out (1993)


Twenty-Two-Life (1996)

Up 4 Parole is the debut studio album by American hip hop duo 20-2-Life, released in 1994 on Bigtyme Recordz. It features numerous guest appearances by fellow members of the South Park Coalition, including K-Rino, Point Blank, Klondike Kat, PSK-13 and Grimm. The album is extremely rare and sells for high prices. It received repressings by Bigtyme in 1996 and 2000.

Track listingEdit

Produced by Black, Dope E, Ice Mike, Klondike Kat & Tiger.

No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "Intro" - 3:25
2. "Up 4 Parole" Black, Killa Hoe 4:08
3. "After Servin a Deuce" Black, Killa Hoe, Klondike Kat 3:59
4. "Backstreets" Black, Killa Hoe, PSK-13 5:15
5. "17.5" Black, Killa Hoe 4:21
6. "Playa Haters" Black, Killa Hoe, Point Blank 5:32
7. "Wonderful World (Skit)" - 2:48
8. "Deep in My Drawers" Black, Killa Hoe 4:25
9. "Candy 2 a Stranger" Black, Killa Hoe, PSK-13 4:25
10. "Da Muzik" Black, Killa Hoe 5:49
11. "Road 2 No Return" Black, Killa Hoe, K-Rino 4:05
12. "Wreckless n Texas" Black, Killa Hoe, .38, Dope E, Grimm, J-Flex, K-Rino, Klondike Kat, Point Blank, PSK-13, Smooth Execution 10:49
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