Tuffest Man Alive
Tuffest Man Alive
EP by Fila Fresh Crew






Hip hop




Macola, Get Live


Derick Bell, Dr. Dre, Dr. Rock, Rickie Rich

Fila Fresh Crew chronology


Taking Charge (1991)

Tuffest Man Alive is the debut EP by American hip hop group Fila Fresh Crew, released in 1988 on Macola Records. The songs "Dunk the Funk", "Drink It Up", "Tuffest Man Alive" and "3 the Hard Way" were released on the 1987 compilation album N.W.A. and the Posse. A low-budget music video was made for the song "I Hate to Go to Work". 

It was the only album released by Fila Fresh Crew as a trio, as Doc-T would move to Los Angeles and build a successful solo career using the stage name The D.O.C.. Dr. Rock released a solo album, Taking Charge, in 1991 under the name Fela Fresh Crew.

Track listingEdit

All lyrics written by Dr. Rock.

No. Title Producer(s) Time
1. "Dunk the Funk" Dr. Rock 5:01
2. "Truth" Dr. Rock 3:55
3. "Tuffest Man Alive" Dr. Rock, Dr. Dre 2:16
4. "Nasty" Dr. Rock, Derick Bell (co.) 4:50
5. "I Hate to Go to Work" Dr. Rock 4:12
6. "Fear of the Rap" Dr. Rock, Rickie Rich 4:15
7. "3 the Hard Way" Dr. Rock, Dr. Dre 4:10
4. "Drink It Up" Dr. Rock, Dr. Dre
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