Totally Krossed Out
Totally Krossed Out
Studio album by Kris Kross


March 31, 1992


August 1991 - January 1992


Studio 4 Recording
(Philadelphia, PA)
Kala Studios
(Atlanta, GA)
2560 Studios
(Atlanta, GA)
Digital Sound
(Philadelphia, PA)


Hip hop, G-funk, Southern hip hop




Ruffhouse Records / Columbia


Jermaine Dupri (exec.)

Totally Krossed Out is the debut studio album by American Hip hop group Kris Kross. It was released in March 31, 1992 under Ruffhouse Records and Columbia Records. Recording sessions took place in August 1991 and January 1992 at Kala Studios and 2560 Studios in Atlanta and Studio 4 Recording and Digital Sound in Philadelphia. The album was produced primarily by Jermaine Dupri. The album supported the singles: "Jump", "I Missed the Bus", "Warm It Up" and "It's a Shame".

Totally Krossed Out was a huge success for the duo, selling over four million copies and reaching #1 on the Billboard 200 and the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, where it remained for two and six non-consecutive weeks respectively. Four singles were released, including "Jump" and "Warm It Up", both of which reached #1 on the Hot Rap Singles, and "I Missed the Bus" and "It's a Shame". The album certified 4X platinum by the RIAA. Music videos were released for the four singles and also for "The Way of Rhyme", even though the song was not released as a single.

Track listing Edit

  1. "Intro Interview" - 0:51
  2. "Jump" - 3:15
  3. "Lil Boys In da Hood" - 3:05
  4. "Warm It Up" - 4:08
  5. "The Way of Rhyme" - 2:59
  6. "Party" - 4:02
  7. "We're In da House" - 0:39
  8. "A Real Bad Dream" - 1:58
  9. "It's a Shame" - 3:46
  10. "Can't Stop the Bum Rush" - 2:57
  11. "You Can't Get With This" - 2:24
  12. "I Missed the Bus" - 2:59
  13. "Outro" - 0:43
  14. "Party (Krossed Mix)" - 4:10
  15. "Jump (Extended Mix)" - 5:10
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