To Your Soul
To Your Soul.jpg
Studio album by The Jaz


16 July 1990


November 1989 - April 1990


Hip hop






Dwayne Alexander (exec.), Chad Elliott, The Jaz, Prince Paul, Vandy C

The Jaz chronology


Word to the Jaz (1989)


Kingz Kounty (2002)

To Your Soul is the second studio album by American rapper The Jaz, released in 1990 on EMI USA. It features two early guest appearances by Jay-Z on the songs "It's That Simple" and "The Originators". It features production work by Prince Paul.

The album failed to reach the US Billboard charts. Its two singles, "The Originators" and "A Groove (This Is What U Rap 2)", peaked at #13 and #18, respectively, on the Hot Rap Songs chart.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Put the Squeeze on 'Em" The Jaz The Jaz 3:50
2. "It's That Simple" The Jaz, Jay-Z Prince Paul 4:11
3. "A Groove (This Is What U Rap 2)" The Jaz Chad Elliott, The Jaz 3:50
4. "Abnormal" The Jaz Prince Paul 3:23
5. "Ease Up Jaz" The Jaz Vandy C 3:54
6. "I'll Smoke You" The Jaz Chad Elliott, The Jaz 3:50
7. "Doped Up" The Jaz The Jaz 4:51
8. "To Your Soul" The Jaz Vandy C 4:05
9. "Flag of the Mahdi" The Jaz Chad Elliott, The Jaz 2:22
10. "A Nation Divided" The Jaz The Jaz 4:29
11. "Why?" The Jaz Vandy C 4:27
12. "Black Man in Charge" The Jaz Chad Elliott, The Jaz 2:55
13. "The Originators" The Jaz, Jay-Z The Jaz 4:11
14. "Not Shoutin' Out" - The Jaz 1:05
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