Till Death Do Us Part
Till Death Do Us Part
Studio album by Geto Boys


March 9, 1993




Jungle Style Studios and Digital Services
(Houston, TX)


Hip hop, Gangsta rap, Southern hip hop, G-funk




Rap-A-Lot Records / Priority Records


John Bido, N.O. Joe, Tony Randle, James Smith

Geto Boys chronology


Uncut Dope (1992)


The Resurrection (1996)

Till Death Do Us Part is the fourth studio album by American hip hop group Geto Boys, released in March 9, 1993 on Rap-A-Lot Records. Willie D had left the group in 1992 to temporarily pursue a solo career, so fellow Rap-A-Lot artist Big Mike joined the group alongside Scarface and Bushwick Bill for this album. The album was produced by the Rap-A-Lot inhouse producters John Bido, James Smith, Tony Randle and N.O. Joe, and features instruments played by Mike Dean.

The album became the group's first #1 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart, and included the group's second Top 40 Billboard Hot 100 single, "Six Feet Deep". Other singles released from the album were "Crooked Officer" and "Straight Gangstaism".

Track listingEdit

Songs produced by N.O. Joe, John Bido, James Smith and Tony Randle.

No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "Intro" James Smith 3:33
2. "G.E.T.O." Scarface, Big Mike, Bushwick Bill 3:13
3. "It Ain't" Scarface 4:40
4. "Crooked Officer" Scarface, Bushwick Bill, Big Mike 3:59
5. "No Nuts No Glory" Big Mike 3:44
6. "Six Feet Deep" Scarface, Bushwick Bill, Big Mike 5:24
7. "Murder Avenue" Bushwick Bill 4:04
8. "Raise Up" Scarface 3:29
9. "Murder After Midnight" Big Mike, Scarface, Bushwick Bill 4:17
10. "Straight Gangstaism" Big Mike, 3-2 4:27
11. "Cereal Killer" Scarface 3:03
12. "This Dick's for You" Big Mike, Bushwick Bill, Scarface 5:33
13. "Street Life" Scarface 5:21
14. "Bring It On" 2-Low, Seagram, Too Much Trouble, 5th Ward Boyz, Odd Squad, Ganksta N-I-P, DMG, 3-2, Big Mello, Scarface 8:14
15. "Outro" James Smith 1:49

Samples Edit


  • "Love Comes in All Colors" by The Staple Singers


  • "Good Old Music" by Funkadelic

It Ain't

  • "Lonely Town, Lonely Street" by Bill Withers
  • "Every Dog Has His Day" from Scarface

No Nuts, No Glory

  • "I Cry" by Millie Jackson

Six Feet Deep

  • "Easy" by The Commodores
  • "What's Going On" by Marvin Gaye

Raise Up

Murder After Midnight

  • "Hard Times" by Curtis Mayfield

Straight Gangstaism

  • "(You're a Fish and I'm a) Water Sign" by Parliament

Cereal Killer

  • "N.T." by Kool & the Gang
  • "Watermelon Man" by Herbie Hancock

Street Life

  • "Street Life" by The Crusaders feat. Randy Crawford

Bring It On

  • "Voices Inside (Everything Is Everything)" by Donna Hathaway
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