Throwed in da Game
Throwed in da Game
Studio album by Fat Pat & The Wreckshop Family


7 April 1998




Hip hop, Southern hip hop






Chikken Hawk, D-Reck Dixon (exec.), Double D, Danny Jackson, Noke D, Prowler, Solo

Fat Pat chronology


Ghetto Dreams (1998)

Throwed in da Game is an album by Fat Pat & The Wreckshop Family, released in 1998 on Wreckshop Records. It is the second studio album by Fat Pat, and was released the same year as his debut Ghetto Dreams. Posthumously released after the rapper's death in early 1998, Fat Pat only contributes to four of the album's sixteen tracks, while the rest of the songs feature various members of Wreckshop Records. Notable guest artists include Fat Pat's brother H.A.W.K., South Park Mexican, 3-2 and E.S.G..

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Throwed n da Game" Double D, Chikken Hawk, Noke D Double D 3:35
2. "Fat Pat (Interview)" - - 0:38
3. "Jammin Screw" Fat Pat Solo 3:44
4. "Head & Shouldaz" Sean Pymp, D Gotti, Noke D, Chikken Hawk Noke D, Chikken Hawk (co.) 3:55
5. "Dirty South" Dren, Double D, E.S.G., Granpappy Mafioso Double D 4:29
6. "I'm a Slicka" Sity Slickas Chikken Hawk 3:39
7. "If You Only Knew" Fat Pat Double D, Noke D (co.) 4:43
8. "Do What You Wanna Do"  D Gotti, Tyte Eyes, E.S.G. Noke D, Double D (co.) 4:27
9. "Sacrificez" D Gotti, Dren, Double D, Hawk Double D 3:28
10. "Jus Ride" Double D, 3-2, Pymp Tyte Double D 2:57
11. "Wreckshop" Pymp Tyte, D Gotti, Fat Pat Noke D 5:04
12. "2000" D Gotti, Double D, Granpappy Mafioso, D-Reck Double D 4:12
13. "I'm So Fly" Ronnie Spencer Noke D, Chikken Hawk (co.) 4:48
14. "I.O.U." Pymp Tyte Danny Jackson 4:08
15. "Dreamz" Fat Pat, Hawk, Mack Chikken Hawk, Prowler 4:05
16. "Supa Hoe Layer" Double D, Granpappy Mafioso, Noke D Double D 4:54
17. "Holla at Cha Later" D Gotti, Double D, South Park Mexican, Chikken Hawk, Tyte Eyez Double D 4:12
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