Three Times Dope
Three Times Dope

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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States

Years active




Associated acts

Cool C, Kwamé, Steady B

Past members

  • Chuck Nice
  • DJ Woody Wood
  • EST

Three Times Dope, originally 3-D, was an American hip hop group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, consisting of rapper EST, producer Chuck Nice and DJ Woody Wood. The group were signed to the label Arista in the late 1980s, and released their debut album, Original Stylin', in 1988 to moderate success. The album's lyrics were primarily comedic material and braggadocio. Their follow-up album, Live from Ackniculous Land, was an attempt at a more serious work, but failed to achieve as much success as its predecessor, despite spawning two minor hits. Their final album, The Sequel 3, was recorded in 1994, but not released until 1998.

EST has gone on to become an award-winning songwriter, most notably a Grammy nomination in 2005 for the Destiny's Child song "Cater 2 U".


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