There Can Only B-1
There Can Only B-1
Studio album by B-1




Hip hop, Southern hip hop


Martell Music/Parlay Ent

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Off the Hook Part 2: Underground Famous (2005)

There Can Only B-1 is the third studio album by American rapper B-1, released in 2010 on Martell Music and Parlay Ent. It features a guest appearance on almost every song, with the exception of "My Space". The guest appearances are supplied by K-Rino, Trae tha Truth, Mr. 3-2, K.B. da Kidnappa, Lil' Flea and Murder One, amongst others.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "P's & Q's" B-1, D-Red 3:20
2. "Worry Aboutcha" B-1, Soup Deville 2:57
3. "Verbal Abuse" B-1, K-Rino 2:51
4. "She Bad, Show Throwd" B-1, Pimp Game Shane, Soup Deville 4:11
5. "My Space" B-1 4:22
6. "Off the Block" B-1, Cl'che, Showtyme 3:50
7. "Grind" B-1, Pimp Game Shane 3:23
8. "All Bout Blitz" B-1, Bang, Drankk $inatra 3:33
9. "PimpN" B-1, 3-2 2:32
10. "I Ain't Perfect" B-1, Murder One 4:34
11. "Killa Konnection" B-1, Lil' Flea, Trae 3:42
12. "Do It 3 da Mo" B-1, Wood 5:01
13. "I Get Down" B-1, Anka Man, Cory Mo 2:23
14. "Keep It Dirty" B-1, K.B. da Kidnappa 2:33
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