The Underground
The Underground album.jpg
Studio album by K.B. da Kidnappa


July 2005


Hip hop, Southern hip hop


Spittin Venom

K.B. da Kidnappa chronology


A Frightening Portrait of the World in a Violent Time (1997)


Spitting Venom (2006)

The Underground is the debut solo studio album by American rapper K.B. da Kidnappa, released in 2005 on Spittin Venom Records. K.B. had previously been featured predominantly on Ova-Tone's 1994 album Deep n tha Mind, and released the collaboration album A Frightening Portrait of the World in a Violent Time with Lil' Flea in 1997. It features guest appearances from Lil' Flea, Z-Ro, Ice Water Slaughter and D of Trinity Garden Cartel, amongst others.

Track listing[edit | edit source]

No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "Off the Brain" - 1:41
2. "No Love for Enemies" K.B. da Kidnappa 4:10
3. "Can't Fuck with Us" K.B. da Kidnappa, Lil' Josh, Mista 4:07
4. "Money Mission" K.B. da Kidnappa 3:01
5. "On Top" K.B. da Kidnappa 3:38
6. "Damn What You Say" K.B. da Kidnappa, Lil' Puddy 2:30
7. "Niggaz on Lock" K.B. da Kidnappa, Lil' Flea, Young Kilo, Z-Ro 4:43
8. "Ho's Need Dick" K.B. da Kidnappa, Ms. Kitty 4:40
9. "Wicked Streets" K.B. da Kidnappa 2:40
10. "We Don't Play Dat Shit" K.B. da Kidnappa, Casino, Lou 4:30
11. "Is You Scared to Die" K.B. da Kidnappa 2:51
12. "Caught in the Struggle" K.B. da Kidnappa, D of Trinity Garden Cartel 3:58
13. "City of Hustla's" K.B. da Kidnappa, Mexican Dion 4:22
14. "X These New Niggaz" K.B. da Kidnappa 3:02
15. "Same Nigga" K.B. da Kidnappa, Ice Water Slaughter 4:27
16. "The Final Ride" K.B. da Kidnappa, D of Trinity Garden Cartel 7:00
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