The UMC's
The UMC's

Also known as

Universal MC's


Staten Island, New York, United States


Hip hop, alternative hip hop, jazz rap, hardcore hip hop

Years active



Rough Luxury Records (1989)
Wild Pitch Records (1990-1994)
EMI Records Group (1994)

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Past members

The UMC's, an initialism of Undisputed Masters of Charisma, was an American hip hop duo from Staten Island, New York. The group was composed of rappers and producers Haas G and Kool Kim, and first signed to Wild Pitch Records in 1990. Their 1991 debut album, Fruits of Nature, displayed alternative hip hop and jazz rap styles, and achieved moderate commercial success. 

The UMC's changed to a more hardcore style with their 1994 sophomore album, Unleashed. The album failed to achieve as much success as its predecessor, and the duo broke-up soon after.

Following the group's dissolution, Haas G embarked on a career in record production for other artists. He notably produced "Magic Stick" by Lil' Kim featuring 50 Cent, which reached #2 on the US Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2003. Kool Kim changed his stage name to NYOIL and released a solo album in 2007.


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