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The Source is a United-States based, monthly full-color magazine covering hip hop music, politics and culture. It it the world's second longest running hip hop periodical, behind the United Kingdom-based publication Hip Hop ConnectionThe Source was founded in 1988 by Jon Schecter, David Mayes and Ed Young, and began as a two-page newsletter published out of a university dormitory. 

The magazine includes many notable features, including the famous "Unsigned Hype" column. The publication has over eight million subscribers worldwide and remains one of the most popular hip hop magazines in the world.

The Source's Five-Mic AlbumsEdit

The Record Report is a section in the publication in which the magazine's staff rates hip hop albums. Ratings range from one to five mics', paralleling a typical five-star rating scale. One mic is "totally wack", two mics is "needs help", three mics is "good, worth checking out", four mics is "slammin' - definite satisfaction" and five mics is "a hip hop classic". A total of forty-five albums have been awarded five mics; a complete chronological list is below.

Albums that originally received five mics:

Albums that were not rated upon their releases, but were later rated five mics in 2002:

Albums that originally received 4.5 mics, and were later re-rated to five:

Albums that originally received four mics, and were later re-rated to five:

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