The Silent Partner
The Silent Partner
Studio album by Havoc x The Alchemist


20 May 2016


Hip hop


HClass Entertainment/Babygrande


The Alchemist

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The Silent Partner is a collaboration album by American rapper Havoc and record producer The Alchemist, released in 2016 on HClass Entertainment and Babygrande. It features guest appearances by Prodigy, Method Man and Cormega.

Track listingEdit

All songs produced by The Alchemist.

No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "Impose My Will" Havoc 3:05
2. "Maintain (Fuck How You Feel)" Havoc 3:14
3. "Out the Frame" Havoc 4:30
4. "Seize Power" Havoc 3:07
5. "Never Trust a Soul" Havoc 3:34
6. "The Gun Holds a Drum" Havoc, Prodigy 3:13
7. "Smooth Ride Music" Havoc 3:29
8. "Buck 50's & Bullet Wounds" Havoc, Method Man 2:50
9. "Just Being Me" Havoc 3:45
10. "Throw in the Towel" Havoc 3:38
11. "Hear Me Now" Havoc, Cormega 2:41
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