The Shit
The Shit.jpg
Studio album by 2nd II None






Hip hop, West Coast hip hop, g-funk


Death Row Records


DJ Quik, Suge Knight (exec.)

2nd II None chronology


2nd II None (1991


Classic 220 (1999)

The Shit was the planned second album by American hip hop group 2nd II None. It was originally set for release in 1994 on Death Row Records, but was shelved and remained unreleased until 2007 when it was leaked. The album was produced entirely by DJ Quik

Track listing[edit | edit source]

All songs produced by DJ Quik.

No. TItle Performer(s) Time
1. "Intro" - 0:36
2. "Getcha Clown On" Gangsta D, KK 4:23
3. "The Dogg n' Me" Gangsta D, KK 4:19
4. "The Message" - 0:23
5. "I Can Tell (The Nasty Song)" Gangsta D, KK 4:11
6. "Nuthin' Has Changed" Gangsta D, KK, DJ Quik 4:04
7. "Let's Get Higher" Gangsta D, KK, DJ Quik 5:52
8. "Kant Wait to Do This" Gangsta D, KK 3:49
9. "The Shit" Gangsta D, KK 5:59
10. "Get Ya Hot" Gangsta D, KK 4:29
11. "B Alright" Gangsta D, KK 4:01
13. "If U Ain't Fuckin' (How You Gonna Get Home?)" Gangsta D, KK, Sexy Leroy, The Chocolate Lovelitez 4:44
14. "Didn't Mean to Turn You On" Gangsta D, KK 4:44
15. "Funny How Things Change (Remix)" Gangsta D, KK 4:12
16. "Theo Commercial" Gangsta D, KK, DJ Quik 2:13
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