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The Sequence
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Columbia, South Carolina, U.S.


Hip hop, funk

Years active



Sugar Hill Records (1979-1985)

Associated acts

The Sugarhill Gang

Past members

  • Angie B
  • Blondie
  • Cheryl the Pearl

The Sequence was an American hip hop group from Columbia, South Carolina. The group consisted of Cheryl "Cheryl the Pearl" Cook, Gwendolyn "Blondie" Chisolm, and Angie "Angie B." Stone. They became the first all-female group to achieve a record deal when they signed to Sugar Hill Records in 1979. Their most notable single was "Funk You Up" (1979), which was the first rap record released by a female group and the second single released by Sugar Hill Records.

The group's final single was released in 1985. Angie B. later became successful as a solo R&B artist under the name Angie Stone.


Studio albums[]

  • 1980: Sugar Hill Presents The Sequence
  • 1982: The Sequence
  • 1983: The Sequence Party