The Ownerz
The Ownerz


June 24, 2003


May 2002 - March 2003


D&D Studios
(New York City, NY)
Avatar Studios
(New York City, NY)


Hip hop, East Coast hip hop, Jazz rap, Underground hip hop, Hardcore hip hop




Virgin Records / EMI


DJ Premier, Guru (co-prod.)

Gang Starr chronology


Moment of Truth (1998)

The Ownerz is the sixth and final studio album by American Hip hop duo Gang Starr, and the last released in Guru's lifetime. It was released in June 24, 2003 on Virgin Records. Recording sessions took place in May 2002 to March 2003 at D&D Studios and Avatar Studios in New York City. the album features guest appearances from close affiliates M.O.P., Big Shug, Freddie Foxxx, and Krumbsnatcha, as well as Snoop Dogg, Fat Joe and Jadakiss.

The album reached #18 on the Billboard 200, and #5 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts. It was received well critically.

Track listingEdit

Produced by DJ Premier and co-produced by Guru.

No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "Intro (HQ, Goo, Panch)" - 0:46
2. "Put Up or Shut Up" Guru, Krumbsnatcha 3:15
3. "Werdz from the Ghetto Child" Smiley 1:09
4. "Sabotage" Guru 2:22
5. "Rite Where U Stand" Guru, Jadakiss 3:37
6. "Skills" Guru 3:17
7. "Deadly Habitz" Guru 4:12
8. "Nice Girl, Wrong Place" Guru, Boy Big 3:32
9. "Peace of Mine" Guru 3:01
10. "Who Got Gunz" Guru, Fat Joe, M.O.P. 3:36
11. "Capture (Militia Pt. 3)"  Guru, Big Shug, Freddie Foxxx 3:23
12. "PLAYTAWIN" Guru 3:11
13. "Riot Akt" Guru 4:04
14. "(Hiney)" Panch 1:31
15. "Same Team, No Games" Guru, H. Stax, NYG'z 3:44
16. "In This Life..." Guru, Snoop Dogg, Uncle Reo 3:03
17. "The Ownerz" Guru 2:57
18. "Zonin'" Guru 2:54
19. "Eulogy" Guru 2:54

Samples Edit

Put Up or Shut Up

  • "A Hot Day in Harlem" by The Rimshots
  • "The Murder" by Bernard Herrmann
  • "Wrath of My Madness" by Queen Latifah

Werdz from the Ghetto Child

  • "Coffee Cold" by Galt MacDermot


  • "Bump Me" by Smoked Sugar
  • "Dragnet Theme" by Miklos Rozsa and Walter Schumann

Rite Where U Stand

  • "Gonna Keep on Tryin' Till I Win Your Love" by The Temptations


  • "Rapper Dapper Snapper" by Edwin Birdsong
  • "Shadows" by The Mysterious Flying Orchestra

Deadly Habitz

  • "Beverly Hills" by Steve Gray

Nice Girl, Wrong Place

  • "Kung Fu" by Curtis Mayfield

Peace of Mine

  • "The Ipcress File (Main Title)" by John Barry
  • "Boom" by Royce da 5'9"

Who Got Gunz

Capture (Militia Pt. 3)

  • "Trapped" by Elmer Bernstein


  • "I Need You Right Now" by Jr. Walker & the All Stars feat. Thelma Houston

Riot Akt

  • "Theme From "Summer of '42" by Maynard Ferguson
  • "Jungle Jazz" by Kool & the Gang

Same Team, No Games

  • "Slow Dance" by Stanley Clarke
  • "Ain't That Loving You (For More Reasons Than One)" by Lou Rawls
  • "Say It Loud, I'm Black and I'm Proud" by James Brown
  • "The Streets (Re-Twist)" by WC feat. Snoop Dogg and Nate Dogg

In This Life...

  • "Distant Thoughts" by Hiroshima
  • "Rule" by Nas

The Ownerz

  • "Tryin' to Get the Feeling Again" by Lonnie Youngblood


  • "The Junkies" by Coleridge-Taylor Perkinson feat. Leon Ware


  • "Planet Phatt Presets" by E-mu Systems
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