The Massacre
The Massacre.jpg
Studio album by 50 Cent


3 March 2005




Hip hop




Shady Records/Aftermath Entertainment/Interscope Records/Universal Music Group


50 Cent (exec.), Bang Out, Bass Brothers, Buckwild, Black Jeruz, Cool & Dre, Cue Beats, Disco D, Dr. Dre (also exec.), Mike Elizondo, Eminem (also exec.), Hi-Tek, Needlz, Luis Resto, J.R. Rotem, Sha Money XL (also exec.), Scott Storch, C. Styles

50 Cent chronology


Get Rich or Die Tryin' (2003)


Curtis (2007)

The Massacre is the third studio album by American rapper 50 Cent, released in 2005 on Shady Records, Aftermath Entertainment, Interscope Records and Universal Music Group. The album debuted at #1 on the US Billboard 200, selling 1.15 million copies in its first week. Upon its release, The Massacre received generally positive reviews from critics. The album was nominated for a Grammy Award for Best Rap Album but lost to Kanye West's album Late Registration at the 48th Grammy Awards.

Tracklisting[edit | edit source]

No. Title Performer(s) Writer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Intro" - Collins Eminem 0:41
2. "In My Hood" 50 Cent Crawford, Jackson, Mathers, Pitts, Resto C. Styles, Bang Out, Eminem (add.), Luis Resto (add.) 3:51
3. "This Is 50" 50 Cent Clervoix, Jackson, Smith Sha Money XL, Black Jeruz 3:04
4. "I'm Supposed to Die Tonight" 50 Cent Jackson, King, Mathers, Resto Eminem, Luis Resto (add.) 3:51
5. "Piggy Bank" 50 Cent Cain, Jackson Needlz 4:15
6. "Gatman and Robbin" 50 Cent, Eminem Bass, Bass, Hefti, Jackson, Mathers, Resto Eminem, Bass Brothers (add.) 3:46
7. "Candy Shop" 50 Cent, Olivia Jackson, Storch Scott Storch 3:29
8. "Outta Control" 50 Cent Elizondo, Jackson, Pope, Standard, Young Dr. Dre, Mike Elizondo 3:21
9. "Get in My Car" 50 Cent Cotrell, Jackson Hi-Tek 4:05
10. "Ski Mask Way" 50 Cent Jackson, Mathers, Presson, Resto, Shayman, Sigler Disco D, Eminem (add.), Luis Resto (add.) 3:05
11. "A Baltimore Love Thing" 50 Cent Jackson, Staples, Toney Cue Beats 4:17
12. "Ryder Music" 50 Cent Cotrell, Jackson Hi-Tek 3:51
13. "Disco Inferno" 50 Cent Crawford, Jackson, Pitts C. Styles, Bang Out 3:34
14. "Just a Lil Bit" 50 Cent Jackson, Storch Scott Storch 3:57
15. "Gunz Come Out" 50 Cent Elizondo, Jackson, Young Dr. Dre, Mike Elizondo 4:24
16. "My Toy Soldier" 50 Cent, Tony Yayo Bernard, Jackson, King, Mathers, Resto Eminem, Luis Resto (add.) 3:44
17. "Position of Power" 50 Cent Jackson, Rotem J.R. Rotem 3:12
18. "Build You Up" 50 Cent, Jamie Foxx Jackson, Storch Scott Storch 2:55
19. "God Gave Me Style" 50 Cent Cain, Caston, Jackson, McFadden Needlz 3:01
20. "So Amazing" 50 Cent, Olivia Jackson, Lopez, Rotem J.R. Rotem 3:16
21. "I Don't Need 'Em" 50 Cent Best, Jackson Buckwild 3:20
22. "Have It or Love It (G-Unit Remix)" 50 Cent, The Game, Tony Yayo, Young Buck, Lloyd Banks Barker, Bernard, Felder, Harris, Jackson, Lyon, Taylor, Valenzano Cool & Dre 4:23
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