The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech...Just Watch What You Say
The Iceberg
Studio album by Ice-T


10 October 1989




Hip hop, gangsta rap, hardcore hip hop, political hip hop




Sire/Warner Bros.


Afrika Islam, Ice-T

Ice-T chronology


Power (1988)


O.G. Original Gangster (1991)

The Iceberg/Freedom of Speech...Just Watch What You Say is the third album by American rapper Ice-T, released in 1989 on Sire Records. The album has an uncharacteristically gritty sound, and features some of the darkest songs that Ice-T has ever recorded. It was released after Ice-T began encountering censorship problems while on tour. The album's cover, featuring a b-boy with a shotgun shoved in his mouth and two pistols pressed against each side of his head, reflected Ice-T's experiences with the concept of freedom of speech. 

Track listingEdit

All songs produced by Afrika Islam and Ice-T.

No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "Shut Up, Be Happy" - 2:36
2. "The Iceberg" Ice-T 4:22
3. "Lethal Weapon" Ice-T 4:34
4. "You Played Yourself" Ice-T 4:15
5. "Peel Their Caps Back" Ice-T 3:42
6. "The Girl Tried to Kill Me" Ice-T 4:08
7. "Black 'n' Decker" - 1:17
8. "Hit the Deck" Ice-T 3:46
9. "This One's for Me" Ice-T 4:33
10. "The Hunted Child" Ice-T 4:27
11. "What Ya Wanna Do?" Ice-T, Randy Mac, Nat the Cat, Donald D, Bronx Style Bob, Hen-Gee, Shakell Shabazz, Toddy Tee, Everlast 8:58
12. "Freedom of Speech" Ice-T 4:11
13. "My Word Is Bond" Ice-T, Bronx Style Bob, Donald D 5:07
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