The Healing
The Healing
Studio album by Strange Fruit Project


25 July 2006


2004-2006 at Next Level Studios, Liquid Soul Lab and The Chopp Shopp


Hip hop






9th Wonder, Roger Blevins, V. Brandon (exec.), Chris "Daddy" Dave, Illmind, Jake One, S1 (also exec.), Vitamin D, B. Wells (exec.)

Strange Fruit Project chronology


Soul Travelin' (2004)


A Dreamer's Journey (2011)

The Healing is the third studio album by American hip hop group Strange Fruit Project, released in 2006 on Om Records. The album features guest appearances from Little Brother, Erykah Badu and several affiliates. It was primarily produced by group member S1, with contributions from Illmind, Jake One, 9th Wonder and Vitamin D.

The Healing was well-received, and drew the group comparisons to underground peers like Little Brother. It is noted by underground hip hop fans for its jazzy production and socially conscious lyrical content.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Writer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Intro" - - S1 1:28
2. "Ready Forum"  S1, Myone, Myth Gaither, Griffin, Ligawa S1 4:18
3. "You (The Only Ones)" S1, Myone, Myth Gaither, Griffin, Ibanga, Ligawa Illmind 4:04
4. "Under Pressure" S1, Myone, Myth Gaither, Griffin, Ligawa S1 4:47
5. "Good Times" S1, Myone Blevins, Gaither, Griffin, Ligawa S1 4:11
6. "Liberation" S1, Myone, Myth, Toby Dave, Gaither, Griffin, Hill, Ligawa Chris "Daddy" Dave 4:01
7. "Get Live" S1, Myone, Myth, Erykah Badu Badu, Gaither, Griffin, Ibanga, Ligawa Illmind 4:27
8. "Soul Clap" S1, Myone, Myth Dutton, Gaither, Griffin, Ligawa Jake One, S1 (add.) 4:04
9. "Special" S1, Myone, Myth, Thesis Douthit, Gaither, Griffin, Haynes, Ligawa 9th Wonder 4:24
10. "Pinball" S1, Myone, Myth Brown, Gaither, Griffin, Ligawa Vitamin D 3:55
11. "Rise" S1, Myone, Little Brother Coleman, Gaither, Griffin, Ibanga, Jones, Ligawa Illmind 4:17
12. "Cali Cruisin" S1, Myone, Deloach, Bavu Blakes, Deloach, Gaither, Griffin, Ligawa S1 4:39
13. "Parachutes" Myone, Myth, Thesis Blevins, Gaither, Griffin, Haynes, Ligawa S1, Roger Blevins 5:07
14. "God Is" S1, Myone, Darien Brockington, Yahzarah Blevins, Brockington, Gaither, Griffin, Ligawa, Yahzarah S1, Roger Blevins (co.) 12:30
"After the Healing" S1, Myone, Myth, Verbal Seed, K-Otix, Tahiti, Skotch, Kay S1
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