The Ghetto My Hood
The Ghetto My Hood.jpg
Studio album by Trinity Garden Cartel






Ultimate Sounds Studio (Houston, TX)


Hip hop


Cartel Records/Revolution Records


Michael Banks, James Foster, Derek Paxton, Darrell Williams (also exec.)

Trinity Garden Cartel chronology


Don't Blame It on da Music (1994)

The Ghetto My Hood is the debut studio album by American hip hop group Trinity Garden Cartel, released in 1992 on Cartel Records and Revolution Records. It was produced by group members Darrell "D" Williams, DJ Freestyle and Mike B. The album was released with no singles and failed to reach any US Billboard album charts. 

Track listing[edit | edit source]

All songs produced by Darrell Williams, Derek Paxton and Michael Banks. 

No. Title Time
1. "Nothing Personal" 3:48
2. "Laws Out to Get Me" 4:30
3. "The Ghetto My Hood" 4:14
4. "It Ain't What It Used to Be" 4:52
5. "What's Your Name" 3:35
6. "Only Failures Lay It Down" 4:17
7. "Nines Kept Loaded" 3:12
8. "So Damn Tuff" 3:20
9. "Talk Your Ass Off" 4:10
10. "Dyme Bagg" 3:28
11. "Nines Kept Loaded (Radio)" 3:12
12. "Laws Out to Get Me (Radio)" 4:30
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