The Dirty Version
The Dirty Version
Studio album by AG


21 September 1999


Hip hop




Silva Dom


A.C.E., AG, Ahmed, Buckwild, Diamond, DJ Premier, Gritty Tracks, Hehdkrack, Lord Finesse, Garth Mitchel, Show, Steve Bundy Wade, Wali World

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Get Dirty Radio (2006)

The Dirty Version is the debut solo album by American rapper AG, released in 1999 on Silva Dom Records. After releasing a number of albums as a part of the duo Showbiz & A.G., he and Showbiz decided to temporarily split to pursue solo careers. The album features production from Showbiz, DJ Premier, and Diggin' in the Crates Crew members Lord Finesse, Buckwild and Diamond D. It features guest appearances from Fat Joe, O.C., Guru, KRS-One, Big Pun and The Ghetto Dwellas.

The album did not reach any Billboard charts. Its only single, "Rude Awakening", also did not chart. The album received modest to positive reviews from critics.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Writer(s) Producer Time
1. "Intro" - - - 3:50
"Muddslide" AG, D-Flow, Party Arty Barnes, Graham, Hall, Sheridan Lord Finesse
2. "All Eye Seeing" AG Barnes, Best Buckwild 3:35
3. "Diamond Burgos (Skit)" - - - 4:45
"Rude Awakening" AG, D-Flow, Party Arty Barnes, Graham, Sheridan, Wade Steve Bundy Wade
4. "Mucho Susio (Skit)" - - - 4:51
"Underground Life" AG, D-Flow, Fat Joe, Party Arty Barnes, Graham, Hall, Sheridan Lord Finesse
5. "Be With" AG Barnes, LeMay Show 3:03
6. "No Where To Go" AG, Diamond, Kool Chuck Barnes, Kirkland Diamond 4:11
7. "A 2 da G" AG Barnes, Burgos Wali World 3:05
8. "Hold It Down (Skit)" - - - 4:36
"Rock Star" AG, Cle, Boo Ha, Doe, Misery, Reality Barnes, Big Cle, C. Doe, Misery, Reality, Walker Hehdkrack
9. "Weed Scented" AG, Guru, O.C. Barnes, Credle, Elam, Martin DJ Premier 3:30
10. "Leave It Alone" AG, Wali World Barnes, Burgos, Harris, Sheridan Ahmed 4:17
11. "Club (Skit)" - - - 5:46
"B.X.M.F." Kool Chuck, Teck 9 Barnes, Kool Chuck, Mitchel, Teck 9 Garth Mitchel
12. "We Do That Too" AG Barnes, Harris Ahmed 4:13
13. "Do You" AG, D-Flow, Party Arty Barnes, Burgos, Graham, Sheridan A.C.E., Wali World 3:19
14. "Asshole (Skit)" - - - 3:49
"20 Cent Girl" AG Barnes, Gritty Gritty Tracks
15. "America Held Hostage" - - - 4:19
"Drop It Heavy" AG, Big Pun, KRS-One Barnes, LeMay, Parker, Rios Show
16. "Ishims" AG, D-Flow, Party Arty Barnes, Graham, Sheridan, Wonder AG 4:03
17. "Kurupt Money" AG, Firehead, Murda Cap, Party Arty Barnes, Best, Firehead, Murda Cap Buckwild 5:11
Bonus tracks
18. "Shout 'Em Out" AG, D-Flow, Party Arty Barnes, Graham, Sheridan AG 3:38
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