The Diary
The Diary Scarface album
Studio album by Scarface


18 October 1994


1993-1994 at Digital Services and Scarface Studios (Houston, TX)


Hip hop






Mike Dean, Brad Jordan, N.O. Joe, James A. Smith (exec.), Uncle Eddie

Scarface chronology


The World Is Yours (1993)


The Untouchable (1997)

The Diary is the third studio album by American rapper Scarface, released in 1994 on Rap-A-Lot Records. Produced primarily by Scarface (under his birth name Brad Jordan) and past collaborator N.O. Joe, it is the first Scarface album to feature production work by Mike Dean, who would later produce on nearly all of Scarface's future albums. The album's only guest appearances are on the single "Hand of the Dead Body", which features Ice Cube and a hook performed by an uncredited Devin the Dude

The album was released to widespread critical and commercial success. It peaked at #2 on both the Billboard 200 and Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts, and was certified Platinum in sales later in 1994. It is one of the few albums to receive a perfect rating from both The Source and XXL. Its two singles, "Hand of the Dead Body" and "I Seen a Man Die", also achieved chart success.

 Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Intro" - Mike Dean, Brad Jordan 1:07
2. "The White Sheet" Scarface N.O. Joe 3:54
3. "No Tears" Scarface N.O. Joe, Brad Jordan 2:26
4. "Jesse James" Scarface N.O. Joe, Mike Dean, Brad Jordan 4:14
5. "G's" Scarface N.O. Joe, Mike Dean 4:40
6. "I Seen a Man Die" Scarface Brad Jordan, Mike Dean, N.O. Joe 4:33
7. "One" Scarface Mike Dean, Brad Jordan 4:44
8. "Goin' Down" Scarface Uncle Eddie, Brad Jordan, Mike Dean, N.O. Joe 4:29
9. "One Time" - Mike Dean 0:58
10. "Hand of the Dead Body" Scarface, Ice Cube, Devin the Dude Uncle Eddie, Brad Jordan, Mike Dean, N.O. Joe 4:39
11. "Mind Playin' Tricks 94" Scarface Mike Dean, N.O. Joe 3:40
12. "The Diary" Scarface N.O. Joe 2:24
13. "Outro" - Mike Dean 1:30
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