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Oakland, California, United States


Hip hop

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MC Breed, Pooh-Man, Rappin' Ron & Ant Diddley Dog

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The Dangerous Crew was an American hip hop group established by Too $hort. After releasing a rare six-song album in 1988, the Oakland-based group was introduced to a larger audience on $hort's 1992 album Shorty the Pimp. The Dangerous Crew consisted of both live musicians and rappers: Shorty B (bass, guitar, drums), Pee-Wee (keyboards, drums, guitar), Ant Banks (producing, keyboards, drum programming, mixing), Sean G (live drums), and rappers Too $hort, Goldy, FM Blue, Dangerous Dame, Rappin' Ron, Ant Diddley Dog, Spice 1 and Father Dom

Although The Dangerous Crew had disbanded by 1996, some of its members went on to have successful solo careers. Too $hort has maintained his success and continues to release albums. Ant Banks has gone on to produce gold and platinum albums for other artists. Shorty B played guitar on many gold and platinum albums by artists such as 2Pac, T.I. and others.

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