The 7A3


Los Angeles, California, U.S.


Hip hop, West Coast hip hop

Years active



Macola Records, Geffen/Warner Bros. Records

Associated acts

Funkdoobiest, Malverde

Past members

The 7A3 was a hip hop group based out of Los Angeles, California, which released one album in 1988 called Coolin' in Cali. It was originally composed of brothers Brett and Sean Bouldin, and DJ Muggs, who later achieved greater fame with Cypress Hill was recruited by Brett B and joined the group. All originally hailed from New York—Brooklyn and Queens, respectively.

Brett Bouldin founded the group and later wrote Cypress Hill's "Hand on the Pump". He also taught B-Real, Son Doobie, Sean B, Malverde, and others how to write songs. He has written for and performed with others including Shanice Wilson, Portrait, Sugar Ray, and Funkdoobiest.

Sean Bouldin went on to become a music executive working with several labels including Interscope, A&M, EMI, Immortal, DreamWorks and consulted for several others.

The group's sole album and two of its singles performed moderately well on the US charts. The group's song "Mad, Mad World" was released on the Colors soundtrack. In addition, the group's version of "Take You Back" was featured on the Rocky V soundtrack album.

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