Thaiboy Digital

Birth name

Thanapat Thaothawong


October 11, 1994




Hip hop, Cloud rap


Rapper, Singer

Years active




Associated acts

Drain Gang, Bladee, Ecco2K, Whitearmor, Sad Boys, Yung Lean, Yung Gud, Black Kray, Adamn Killa, RipSquad, Yung Sherman


Drain Gang

Thanapat Thaothawong (born October 11, 1994), better known as his stage name Thaiboy Digital is a Thai-Swedish rapper and Drain Gang member.

Career Edit

Not much is known about Thaiboy’s early work, but the oldest known track by him dates back to 2011. It was produced by Whitearmor, another member of the Drain Gang collective (which at that time was called “Smög Boys”).

Even though Thaiboy started making music in 2011, he didn’t start getting recognition and followers until 2013-2014 when he started making frequent collabs with other Drain Gang members as well as releasing his debut mixtape Tiger.

In 2015 Thaiboy released his second mixtape called Lord of the Jewels which has features by Yung Lean, Bladee, Adamn Killa and Black Kray.

In 2016 Thaiboy released a collaborative mixtape titled AvP with Bladee.

In 2017 Thaiboy released his first, 4-track EP titled S.O.S (Suicide Or Sacrifice). He promoted the EP with a music video for the single "Magic" and an interview for Dazed [1][2].

In 2019 he released his long awaited debut album Legendary Member on which he have been working on for almost 2 years.

Immigration Problems Edit

In 2015 Thaiboy got deported from Sweden due to visa disputes, and subsequently moved back to Thailand, where he currently resides and works on the Drain Gang merchandising.

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