Taste of Chocolate
Taste of Chocolate
Studio album by Big Daddy Kane


30 October 1990


1990 at Libra Digital, Greene Street Studios and Record One Studios


Hip hop




Cold Chillin'/Reprise/Warner Bros.


Big Daddy Kane (also exec.), Andre Booth Cool V, Benny Medina (exec.), Mister Cee, Prince Paul, Tyrone Williams (exec.)

Taste of Chocolate is the third album by American rapper Big Daddy Kane, released in 1990 on Cold Chillin' Records. After the success of his first two albums, it was his first album to not reach Gold sales status. The album received mostly good reviews, though not on the level of his first two efforts. It peaked at #37 on the Billboard 200 and #10 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. 

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Writer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Taste of Chocolate Intro" Big Daddy Kane Hardy Big Daddy Kane 2:05
2. "Cause I Can Do It Right" Big Daddy Kane Hardy Big Daddy Kane 4:09
3. "It's Hard Being the Kane" Big Daddy Kane Hardy Prince Paul 4:58
4. "Who Am I" Big Daddy Kane, Gamilah Shabazz Hardy, Shabazz Big Daddy Kane 4:00
5. "Dance with the Devil" Big Daddy Kane Hardy Cool V 4:06
6. "No Damn Good" Big Daddy Kane Hardy Prince Paul 3:52
7. "All of Me" Big Daddy Kane, Barry White Booth, Hardy, White Andre Booth 5:45
8. "Keep 'Em on the Floor" Big Daddy Kane, Barbara Weathers Hardy Big Daddy Kane 4:32
9. "Mr. Pitiful" Big Daddy Kane Hardy Cool V 3:26
10. "Put Your Weight On It" Big Daddy Kane Hardy Big Daddy Kane 2:47
11. "Big Daddy vs. Dolemite" Big Daddy Kane, Rudy Ray Moore Hardy, Moore Big Daddy Kane 4:49
12. "Down the Line" Big Daddy Kane, Scrap Lover, Scoob Lover, Mister Cee, Little Daddy Shane, Ant Live Hardy Mister Cee 5:11
13. "Taste of Chocolate Exit" Big Daddy Kane Hardy Big Daddy Kane 3:20


  • Track 2 features vocals performed by Tuffy.
  • Track 7 features vocals performed by Karen Harris, Nancy Fletcher and Natasha Walker, and saxophone performed by Gerald Albright.
  • Track 8 features vocals performed by Bret Lover, and keyboard performed by Michael "Music Mike" Warner.
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