Talkin' Dirty
Talkin' Dirty
Studio album by Money-B


26 October 1999


Hip hop


Bobby Beats


CD, Charlie B, DJ Fuze, Deon Evans, J-Cutt, Jay-Z, Money-B (also exec.), Mr. Mixx, Mike Pierson (exec.), Shock G

Talkin' Dirty is the debut solo album by American rapper Money-B, released in 1999 on Bobby Beats Records. Money-B had previously released albums as a member of the groups Digital Underground and Raw Fusion. The album features numerous guest appearances by members of Digital Underground, such as Shock G, Esinchill and Clee, amongst others. 

The album failed to reach the Billboard charts.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Eyez on a Mill Ticket" Money-B, Clee Money-B 3:20
2. "Talkin' Dirty After Dark" Money-B, DOT, The Delinquents, J-Cutt, Third Raill Vic J-Cutt 4:45
3. "Head in Oakland" Money-B Money-B, Charlie B 4:07
4. "Hold It Down" Money-B, The Element CD 4:03
5. "Ice Cream Love" Money-B, Mystic, Rankin' Scroo Money-B 4:30
6. "Make Money Money" Money-B, Beefcake, Clee, Mr. Mixx Mr. Mixx 3:49
7. "Situation Critical" Money-B Money-B 4:48
8. "3N Theory" Money-B Deon Evans 4:45
9. "Miss Bartender" Money-B Shock G 4:08
10. "Booty on the Wall" Money-B, DOT, Esinchill Money-B 4:33
11. "Heat Shit" Money-B, E.D.I., Mystic Charlie B 4:31
12. "Money Talks" Money-B DJ Fuze
13. "Tell Me When You Finish" Money-B, Unique, Terri Henderson Money-B 4:18
14. "They Want More" Money-B Money-B 4:23
15. "N.A.B." Money-B, Clee, Numskull DJ Fuze 4:26
16. "Rap Critic" Money-B Jay-Z
17. "No L's" Money-B Money-B 3:40
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