Supreme Clientele
Supreme Clientele
Studio album by Ghostface Killah


8 February 2000


1998-1999 at Quad Recordings (New York City, New York), The Hit Factory (New York City, New York), 30 Chambers Studio (New York City, New York), Criteria Studios (Miami, Florida) & Track Records (New York City, New York)


Hip hop




Epic Records, Sony Music, Razor Sharp Records


Allah Mathematics, Carlos Bess, The Blaquesmiths, Carlos "Six July" Broady, Choo "The Specialist", Mitchell "Divine" Diggs (exec.), Ghostface Killah (exec.), Hassan, Inspectah Deck, Juju, RZA (also exec.), Arthur Wilson

Ghostface Killah chronology


Ironman (1996)


Bulletproof Wallets (2001)

Supreme Clientele is the second studio album by American rapper Ghostface Killah, released in 2000 on Epic Records. The album showcases Ghostface Killah's signature up-tempo, stream-of-consciousness rhyme style, and features guest appearances from various Wu-Tang Clan members and affiliates including Cappadonna, GZA, Masta Killa, Method Man, Raekwon, Redman, RZA and U-GodSupreme Clientele contains a large amount of production from RZA, who also re-worked and remixed beats from other producers involved as a means to create a unified and cohesive sound for the album.

Upon its release, Supreme Clientele debuted at #7 on the US Billboard 200 and #2 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts, while selling 134,000 copies in its first week. In March 2000, one month after its release, it was certified Gold in sales by the RIAA. The album featured the singles "Apollo Kids" and "Cherchez LaGhost", which, despite receiving limited airplay, went on to achieve notable chart success.

Supreme Clientele was met with mostly strong reviews from music critics, despite its contrasting sound and style to that of his previous album, Ironman. It was praised and noted for Ghostface Killah's obscure and creative lyricism, and for the cohesive format of production. Supreme Clientele was the most acclaimed of all the second generation Wu-Tang projects, and featured the most contributions from RZA during this era. Along with Ironman and Fishscale, it is often ranked as Ghostface Killah's best work. It has also been regarded as one of the best solo Wu-Tang albums, and has received accolades for being one of the best albums of the 2000s decade.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Writer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Intro" - - - 0:47
2. "Nutmeg" Ghostface Killah, RZA Andrews, Coles, Diggs, Kersey, Wilson Arthur Wilson 4:25
3. "One" Ghostface Killah Coles, Crutcher, Porter, Tineo, Williams Juju 3:46
4. "Saturday Nite" Ghostface Killah Broady, Coles Carlos "Six July" Broady 1:39
5. "Ghost Deini" Ghostface Killah, Supreme Brand, Coles, Cummings, McDonald The Blaquesmiths 4:06
6. "Apollo Kids" Ghostface Killah, Raekwon Burke, Coles, Evans, Woods Hassan 3:54
7. "The Grain" Ghostface Killah, RZA Bridges, Coles, Diggs, Floyd, Nixon, Rice, Rice, Thomas RZA 2:35
8. "Buck 50" Ghostface Killah, Cappadonna, Method Man, Masta Killa, Redman Coles, Diggs, Hill, Noble, Smith, Turner RZA 4:02
9. "Mighty Healthy" Ghostface Killah Bean, Coles, Crizoe, Rooney Allah Mathematics 3:22
10. "Woodrow the Base Head" - - - 3:04
11. "Stay True" Ghostface Killah, 60 Second Assassin Axelrod, Coles, Hunter Inspectah Deck 1:39
12. "We Made It" Ghostface Killah, Superb Broady, Coles, Cummings, Randle Carlos "Six July" Broady 4:38
13. "Stroke of Death" - - - 1:56
14. "Iron's Theme - Intermission" - - - 1:30
15. "Malcolm" Ghostface Killah Branch, Coles, Peters, Poree Choo "The Specialist" 4:15
16. "Who Would You Fuck" - - - 2:44
17. "Child's Play" Ghostface Killah Coles, Diggs RZA 3:33
18. "Cherchez LaGhost" Ghostface Killah Browder, Coles, Darnell Carlos Bess 3:11
19. "Wu Banga 101" Ghostface Killah, GZA, Cappadonna, Masta Killa, Raekwon Bean, Coles, Grice, Hill, Hunter, Woods Allah Mathematics 4:23
20. "Clyde Smith" - - - 2:40
21. "Iron's Theme - Conclusion" - - - 1:59
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