Suave House Records
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1990 by Tony Draper




Hip hop, Southern hip hop


Houston, Texas, United States

Suave House Records, also known simply as Suave House, is an American record label based in Houston, Texas. It was founded by Tony Draper in 1990 when he was sixteen years old. In its early years, the label was known as Suave Records.

In 1995, the label signed a distribution deal with Relativity Records and saw its biggest commercial success during that partnership. In 1997, the label switched distributors from Relativity to Universal Records, a partnership that lasted two years. In 1999, Suave House partnered with Artemis Records. Suave House has been distributed by Koch since 2008.

Artists[edit | edit source]

Current artists[edit | edit source]

  • Asco Jones
  • Jiggolo
  • Marly DuMarz
  • T-Mix
  • X.O.

Former artists[edit | edit source]

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