Street Nigga
Street Nigga
EP by YG'z




Hip hop




Edward "D.J. Eddie F." Ferrell (exec.), Peter Edge (exec.), Pete Rock, Delroy Pusey, Willy Gunz, Vance Wright

Street Nigga is the debut EP and only release by American hip hop duo YG'z, released in 1993 on Reprise Records. The duo got their record contract with the help of Pete Rock, who produced four out of the six songs on the EP. The other two songs are produced by Vance Wright and Willy Gunz. Two singles, "Street Nigga" and "Ghetto Celeb", were released in promotion of the album. 

Track listingEdit

All songs performed by YG'z

No. Title Writer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Street Nigga" Austin, Benson, Cleveland, Gaye, Guest, Phillips Pete Rock 4:03
2. "Ghetto Celeb" Austin, Gaye, Guest, Phillips Pete Rock 3:51
3. "Sumthin' 4 da Head" Austin, Guest, Phillips Pete Rock 3:47
4. "Wonders in da Bed" Austin, Guest, Wright Vance Wright, Delroy Pusey (co.) 3:56
5. "Itchy Trigger Finger" Austin, Guest, Wilson, Willie Gunz Willy Gunz 4:43
6. "Street Nigga (Pete Rock Remix)" Austin, Benson, Cleveland, Gaye, Guest, Phillips Pete Rock 4:10
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