Street Military
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Houston, Texas, United States


Hip hop, Southern hip hop

Years active

1991-2001, 2016-2017


Beatbox (1991-1992, 1994-2001)
Wild Pitch (1993)

Associated acts

Klondike Kat, South Park Coalition

Past members

Street Military was an American hip hop group from Houston, Texas. The group consisted of rappers K.B., Lil' Flea and Pharoah, DJ/producer Icy Hott, and hypeman Nutt. Street Military are considered one of the most influential hip hop acts of Houston, and were known as Houston's answer to N.W.A.[1]

Street Military were affiliated with the South Park Coalition. They released several EPs independently and one through Wild Pitch Records, before releasing their one and only studio album, Steel Gangstaz, in 2001.

In 1999, Nutt was murdered in a drive-by shooting by an unknown assailant in Creekbend, Houston. In 2001, during recording sessions of Steel Gangstaz, Pharoah was convicted of aggravated kidnapping with a deadly weapon and is currently serving a 50-year sentence at Coffield Unit in North Texas.[1] After a hiatus of fifteen years, Street Military had a 25th Anniversary concert in 2016, consisting of the three remaining group members. Street Military performed at the 2017 South by Southwest festival.

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