Straight Checkn 'Em
Straight Checkn 'Em
Studio album by Compton's Most Wanted


16 July 1991


March 31 - April 19, 1991


Big Beat Soundlabs
(Los Angeles, CA)
Trax Recording Studio
(Hollywood, CA)


West Coast hip hop | gangsta rap




Orpheus, Epic


DJ Slip, The Unknown DJ (also exec.)

Compton's Most Wanted chronology


It's a Compton Thang (1990)


Music to Driveby (1992)

Straight Checkn 'Em is the second album by American hip hop group Compton's Most Wanted, released in 1991 on Orpheus Records. Like their debut, it was produced entirely by The Unknown DJ and group member DJ Slip. MC Eiht serves as the sole rapper on this album as Tha Chill was sentenced to prison months before recording commenced. The album contains the popular single "Growin' Up in the Hood", which was featured in the 1991 movie Boyz n the Hood and its soundtrack

The album peaked at #92 on the Billboard 200, and #23 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums charts. It received positive reviews upon release. As of 2019, the album has sold over 450,000 copies.

Track listingEdit

All songs performed by MC Eiht, except for "Mike T's Funky Scratch", scratches performed by DJ Mike T. All songs produced by DJ Slip and The Unknown DJ.

No. Title Writer(s) Time
1. "Intro" Allen, Manuel, Tyler 1:02
2. "They Still Gafflin" Allen, Hayes, Manuel, Tyler 4:30
3. "Growin' Up in the Hood" Allen, Manuel, Simon, Tyler 4:12
4. "Wanted" Allen, Manuel, Tyler, White 4:13
5. "Straight Checkn 'Em" Allen, Manuel, Tyler 3:45
6. "I Don't Dance" Allen, Clinton, Manuel, Shider, Spradley, Tyler 2:30
7. "Raised in Compton" Allen, Manuel, Tyler 3:45
8. "Driveby Miss Daisy" Allen, Manuel, Tyler 4:27
9. "Def Wish" Allen, Manuel, Tyler 3:42
10. "Compton's Lynchin" Allen, Manuel, Tyler, Watson 4:44
11. "Mike T's Funky Scratch" Allen, Manuel, Tyler 2:35
12. "Can I Kill It?" Allen, Isley, Isley, Isley, Isley, Isley, Jasper, Manuel, Noble, Tyler, Womack, Womack 4:21
13. "Gangsta Shot Out" Allen, Manuel, Tyler 2:32
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