Steel Gangstaz
Steel Gangstaz
Studio album by Street Military




Hip hop




DJ Squeeky, Domination, Richard Johnson (exec.), K.B., K.G., MJG, Corey Woodard

Street Military chronology


Next Episode (1995)

Steel Gangstaz is the debut studio album by American hip hop group Street Military, released in 2001 on Beatbox Records. After releasing five EPs in the 1990s, Steel Gangstaz is Street Military's first full-length album, and their first release since 1995's Next Episode. Group member Pharoah was convicted of aggravated assault and imprisoned during the album's recording, so his contributions are limited. Steel Gangstaz is primarily produced by MJG, with contributions from DJ Squeeky, Corey Woodard, DJ Domination, K.G. and K.B. da Kidnappa. It features guest appearances by Klondike Kat, Andre Paris, Young Kilo, Z-Ro, Cl'Che and MJG.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s) Producer(s) Time
1. "Rock This Bitch" Street Military MJG 3:44
2. "Tell It Like It Is" Street Military MJG 5:45
3. "Steel Gangstaz" Street Military DJ Squeeky 4:31
4. "R.I.P. - NUTT" Street Military, Andre Paris, Klondike Kat MJG 6:00
5. "Never Give Up" Street Military MJG 5:21
6. "Energy" Street Military Corey Woodard 4:49
7. "Benjamins" Street Military MJG 5:05
8. "Independent Woman" Street Military MJG 4:12
9. "Niggaz on Lock" Street Military, Young Kilo, Z-Ro MJG 4:40
10. "Police Harassment" Street Military, Danjah Ray MJG 4:18
11. "Mob Money" Street Military Domination 5:01
12. "I Wanna Thug" Street Military, Cl'Che Corey Woodard 4:06
13. "Gangstaz Ball" Street Military, MJG, Z-Ro MJG 5:15
14. "Do That Shit" Street Military K.G., K.B. 4:24
15. "AK Bullets" Street Military MJG 4:00
16. "Dis the 1" Street Military MJG 5:44
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