Steady B
Bring the Beat Back
Studio album by Steady B




Hip hop, East Coast hip hop


Pop Art, Jive


Lawrence Goodman, Marley Marl

Steady B chronology


What's My Name (1987)

Steady B is the debut album by American rapper Steady B, released in 1986 on Pop Art Records. The album was re-released as Bring the Beat Back the same year on Jive Records with the addition of the song "Do the Fila". It was produced in its entirety by Lawrence Goodman, except for one song produced by then-labelmate Marley Marl

Steady B reached #44 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums chart. The songs "Cheatin' Girl", "Yo Mutha" and "Surprise" were released as singles.

Track listingEdit

All songs written by McGlone. All songs produced by Lawrence Goodman, except for "Get Physical", produced by Marley Marl.

No. Title Time
1. "Bring the Beat Back" 3:54
2. "Get Physical" 3:28
3. "Surprise" 4:11
4. "Cheatin' Girl" 3:57
5. "Stupid Fresh" 3:58
6. "Hit Me" 4:13
7. "Nothin' but the Bass" 4:09
8. "Yo Mutha" 4:00
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