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Southside Story
Southside Story.jpg
Studio album by Big Mello


13 August 1996


1995-1996 at R.B.'s Crib


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Big Mello, Ronald Bookman (also exec.), Mo' Dangerous

Big Mello chronology


Wegonefunkwichamind (1994)


The Gift (2002)

Southside Story is the third album by American rapper Big Mello, released in 1996 on N-Terrorgation Records. It was his first album that was not released on Rap-A-Lot Records, his only album on N-Terrogation, and his final album before he was murdered in 2002.

Track listing[]

All songs produced by Mo' Dangerous, and co-produced by Big Mello and R. Bookman.

No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "Intro" - 3:17
2. "Da A.P.T." Big Mello 5:42
3. "Stackin' Paper" Big Mello, Edie, Mo' Dangerous 5:53
4. "Sucka Free" Big Mello 4:30
5. "Fancy Thangz" Big Mello, 2-Fancy, Fliponya 4:16
6. "Gotz ta Get Ova" Big Mello 5:07
7. "Flossin'" Big Mello, Black Nat 5:15
8. "Knock, Knock" Big Mello, 2-Fancy 4:43
9. "Ni**az Been Lyin'" Big Mello 3:19
10. "Strapped Assassin" Big Mello 4:29
11. "Too Much Stress" Big Mello 3:58
12. "Gotta Hold On" Big Mello 4:55
13. "Hittin' Lyxx" Big Mello, 2-Fancy 4:06
14. "Don't Scream" Big Mello 4:07
15. "You Can't Run" Big Mello 4:51
16. "We Brangz da Drama" Big Mello, 2-Fancy, Klondike Kat 3:51