Southeast Southpark Revolution
Southeast Southpark Revolution
Studio album by H-Town Boys & K-Rino


11 October 2011


Hip hop



K-Rino chronology


The Day of the Storm (2011)


Deeper Elevation (2012)

Southeast Southpark Revolution is a collaboration album by H-Town Boys and K-Rino, released in 2011 on HTX Records. It is the only album released by the H-Town Boys, while it is K-Rino's nineteenth album overall and his third of 2011. To date, it is K-Rino's last album to be released on a label other than Black Book International.

Track listingEdit

No. Title Performer(s)
1. "The Realest" H-Town Boys, K-Rino, Grimm
2. "Revolution" H-Town Boys, K-Rino, Filero
3. "I Dont Want to Leave" H-Town Boys, K-Rino
4. "Tribal Music" H-Town Boys, K-Rino, Grimm
5. "Who Do I Trust" H-Town Boys, K-Rino, Hot Sleep
6. "Blow My Brain Out" H-Town Boys, K-Rino
7. "Rob the CEO" H-Town Boys, K-Rino
8. "Dont Ever Say" H-Town Boys, K-Rino
9. "Keep on Grinding" H-Town Boys, K-Rino
10. "Fastlife" H-Town Boys, K-Rino, Grimm
11. "How Houston Does" H-Town Boys, K-Rino, M.Bradley
12. "If I Even Get the Chance" H-Town Boys, K-Rino
13. "Clique Song" H-Town Boys, K-Rino, Southeast Southpark Coalition
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