Soul Travelin'
Soul Travelin'
Studio album by Strange Fruit Project


15 May 2004


Hip hop




Illmind, S1

Strange Fruit Project chronology


From Divine (2002)


The Healing (2006)

Soul Travelin' is the second studio album by American hip hop group Strange Fruit Project, released in 2004 on Octave. The album was produced entirely by group member S1, with the exception of one song produced by Illmind. The album was only ever released officially in Japan, and copies sell for high prices due to it never being repressed or having an official United States pressing. The album is best remembered for the song "All the Way", which was nominated for 2004 Song of the Year by BBC Radio.

Track listingEdit

All songs produced by S1, except for "Eternally Yours", produced by Illmind.

No. Title Performer(s) Time
1. "Intro" Myth 1:16
2. "Luv Is" Myth, Myone, S1, Lysoul 3:48
3. "The Dotted Line" Myone, Myth, S1 4:32
4. "Cloud Nine" Myth, Deloach, Myone 3:53
5. "All the Way" S1, Myth, Myone 4:07
6. "Move" S1, Myth, Myone 3:20
7. "Honey" Myth, Myone, S1, Wayne 3:57
8. "Oh Yeah" S1, Myth, Myone 3:58
9. "Eternally Yours" Myone, S1, Myth 4:08
10. "Recreate" Myth, Lysoul 3:26
11. "Soul Travelin'" Myth, Myone, S1 4:50
12. "Oxygen" S1, Free Agents, Myth, Myone 4:19
13. "Remember My Face" Bavu Blakes, Myone, Myth 4:42
14. "Strange" Myone, S1 2:29
15. "Speed Bump" Myth, Myone, S1 4:03
16. "Gotta Lotta" Myone, S1, Myth 4:19
17. "In the Sun" Verbal Seed, Myone, Myth 5:22
18. "Long Way" Myth, S1, Myone 9:05
"The Luvely" Myth, S1, Lysoul
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