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|Box title = Soul Intent
|image = File:Soul Intent.jpeg
|caption =
|Row 1 title = Also known as
|Row 1 info = Bassmint Productions
|Row 2 title = Origin
|Row 2 info = Detroit, Michigan, United States
|Row 3 title = Genre
|Row 3 info = [[Hip hop music|Hip hop]]
|Row 4 title = Years active
|Row 4 info = 1992-1995
|Row 5 title = Label
|Row 5 info = Mashin' Duck (1992-1995)
|Row 6 title = Past members
|Row 6 info = *[[Chaos Kid]]
*DJ Buttafingaz
'''Soul Intent''' was an American [[Hip hop music|hip hop]] group from Detroit, Michigan, formed by producers [[Bass Brothers|Jeff and Mark Bass]]. Soul Intent released the EP ''[[Still in the Bassmint]]'' in late 1992 and the single "[[F#@!in' Backstabber]]" in 1995.
After the group's dissolution, Eminem embarked on an internationally successful solo career. Chaos Kid committed suicide in 2011. 
*1992: ''[[Still in the Bassmint]]''
*1995: [[Soul Intent (EP)|Soul Intent]]
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