Sons of the Father
Sons of the Father
Studio album by YZ




1989-1990 at Epsilon Studios in Trenton, New Jersey


Hip hop


Tuff City


B-Fine, Tony D, YZ

YZ chronoloy


EP (1991)

Sons of the Father is the debut album by American rapper YZ, released in 1990 on Tuff City.

Track listingEdit

All songs written by A. Hill and T. Depula, except "Back Again" and "In Control of Things" which is also written by R. Humbert. All songs produced by YZ and Tony D, except "Back Again" and "In Control of Things" which is also produced by B-Fine. All songs performed by YZ.

No. Title Time
1. "Intro & Sons of the Father" 3:38
2. "In Control of Things" 4:29
3. "Back Again" 4:57
4. "I'm Workin'" 5:17
5. "Get It Right (Put On Your Bally Shoes)" 3:59
6. "Misel Plic Remix" 4:32
7. "Tower with the Power" 5:19
8. "Spank-Ed" 5:17
9. "Who's That Girl" 3:18
10. "Taggin' It Up" 3:17
11. "Diss Fe Liar" 5:36
12. "Thinking of a Master Plan" 3:58
13. "Father's Exit & Outro" 2:54
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